Food Waste & Compostables Hauling

Food waste shouldn’t go in the landfill. There are so many items that can be composted especially at a large scale composting operation. Meats, cheeses, bread, cooked/ uncooked, vegetables, fruits… doesn’t matter. If it came from something that was once alive, it can be composted.

There are also a host of other materials, bakery paper, wax coated cardboard, napkins, wood stir rods, paper coffee filters and certified compostable single use serviceware and more, that can be included in your compostables collection.

Any program or process can be improved, but first it requires looking at what is currently going on. Once the current practices are understood then areas of improvement can be identified and appropriate action taken. You know your home or businesses better than anyone and by working together we can reduce its environmental impact. Whether you have no idea where to start or are ready to start tomorrow, contact us to get started!